3-Person Roof Top Tents

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Medium Roof Top Tents

BURMIS 3-person roof top tents are ideal for those looking for a bit of extra space than is available in our 2-person roof top tents, whether it is for a 3rd person, or perhaps just room for packs, gear or a dog or two. From start to finish they take less than three minutes to set up, on average.

3-Person Tents for Vehicle Roofs

Best suited for small families or couples who want a bit more space for a dog or some gear, our 3-person roof top tents are the most flexible and versatile roof top vehicle tents we have. They can be mounted onto mid-size cars, trucks, and SUVs, and provide more than enough room for two people. Better lit than our two-person version with slightly more room for a child or pet, you can also add onto these tents with an annex attachment for even more storage space, as well as a vehicle awning on the opposite side for a covered camping area.

Sport vs. Guides Series

The Sport version of our 3-person roof top tents are usually best for the average camper who wants a bit of a lighter and slightly easier setup compared to the heavy-duty or off-road Guides version, which uses slightly heavier duty materials and has a bit larger extension area for additional annex space. The main difference in the sizes of our 2, 3, and 4 person tents is the frame and mattress sizes. In the 3-person version, the mattresses are not quite as wide as the traditional queen-size you would use at home, but longer in length. If you’re not sure which type of 3-person roof top tent is best for your family, vehicle or needs, please contact our helpful team today.