Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roof top tent?

Roof top tents are a fast growing product in the outdoor market place allowing users the freedom to roam while offering maximum comfort for your outdoor experience.

Why choose a roof top tent?

Roof top tents a different camping experience and offer a number of advantages over traditional tents:

  • Access to more camping locations. You don't need a traditional campground or camping site. Wherever you can park your vehicle, you can set up your BURMIS roof top tent. Stay off the ground away from mud and dust.
  • One of the best reasons to won a roof top tent is to sleep in the built-in, comfortable, high density foam mattress. 
  • Roof top tents allow the storage of some bedding in your tent.  You are ready to sleep in minutes.
  • No more sleeping on the ground with creepy crawlies or big and growlies!
  • No more searching for a dry flat setup area.
  • Versatile—camp whenever and wherever you want!
  • Enjoy a better view.
  • Easy set-up. Once mounted to your vehicle, your BURMIS roof top tent takes only minutes to set up or take down.  Check out the set up video below.
  • Easy Storage.  After the initial installation storing your roof top tent is as easy as removing it from your rack and leaving it in the storage cover.

    Why choose a BURMIS roof top tent?

    BURMIS' premium roof top tents are built to handle and enhance your outdoor adventures. Plus, they are backed by our no nonsense ironclad warranty.

    What rack does my vehicle need to support a BURMIS roof top tent?

    BURMIS tents are designed to work with both stock and aftermarket roof racks. All roof racks have a dynamic weight rating (DWR) and a static rating, and most after market racks can easily handle the dynamic and static weight loads of a roof top tent.
    The DWR is how much weight a vehicle can handle while driving. It’s generally rated for weights heavier than BURMIS roof top tents, but be sure to double check your rack’s DWR is greater than the weight of the tent you choose. Each tents weight is listed on its product page.
    The static rating is the total weight a vehicle can carry when parked, and is typically much higher than the DWR. These weight limits can be found in your vehicle owner's manual or by contacting the vehicle or rack manufacturer.

    Is a BURMIS roof top tent easy to install?

    BURMIS roof top tents are very easy to install.  Our install video below demonstrates this process. 
    For the initial installation, two people are needed to lift and mount the tent onto the rack, but once installed, the tent can be easily set up and folded away by a single person. There’s no need to disassemble or remount with each new adventure—just pop up the tent and enjoy! 

    See our install video below


    What is a swag tent and would it suit my needs?

    A swag tent is a compact all-in-one tent that sleeps one adult. Like traditional tents, it's placed on the ground, but unlike traditional tents, a swag requires minimal set-up or takedown making it ultra convenient. Check out the BURMIS Wallow Swag Tent.

    How much is shipping and how long does it take?

    BURMIS roof top tents ship by ground freight for a flat fee of $50 CAD anywhere in Canada. U.S. customers should contact us for a shipping quote.
    The Wallow Swag Tent ships for free.
    The Road Shower also ships free, but only in Canada. U.S. customers, please contact Road Shower directly to order.
    Shipping can take 3 - 7 business days depending on the destination.

    How do I take care of my BURMIS roof top tent?

    Always make sure to fully dry out your BURMIS roof top tent before storing to avoid mold or mildew.  If you put the tent away wet you will need to reopen the tent to let it dry prior to storing it for long periods; the same as a traditional tent. Periodically wash both the mattress and cover and air dry.
    You are able to clean the fabric with a soft brush and mild detergent. Remember to air dry after rinsing the tent before storing.  Products available from outdoor and camping stores can be used to wash your tent and to enhance the waterprood coating.

    Zippers can be cleaned to remove dust but we do not recommend lubricants be used on zippers as they tend to attract more dirt to the zipper.

    Does BURMIS offer a warranty on its products?

    Yes, our BURMIS warranty applies to all of our products.