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The Road Shower 4L

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The Road Shower 4L
The Road Shower 4L
The Road Shower 4L
The Road Shower 4L
The Road Shower 4L


  • Powder coated aluminum absorbs sunlight and heats the water inside.
  • Holds 10 gallons / 38 litres of water… enough for 3-4 showers.
  • Sleek design and and high end components look great on your vehicle.
  • Tank Dimensions: 82″ x 7.4″ x 5.74″.
  • On/off valve at elbow so you can easily remove the hose or attach a longer hose while pressurized.
  • Schrader style air valve so you can pressurize on the go.
  • There is a locking loop to lock your unit with a cable bike lock to your rack.
  • LCD thermometer which will show you the temperature in F and C.
  • Beefy universal mounting brackets mount to most racks.
  • Built in 2 gallon air space.
  • Can take up to 65 PSI. One pumping or filling with a garden hose will let you come close to draining the tank. This gives about 10 minutes of pressurized water.